Most haunted place in India Shhhhh…Koi Hai


” Shhhhh…Koi Hai ” As we know that India is amazing , ineradicable ,fantastic, land of joy but here are a number of Honorable palaces in India. We living in modern world and not believe in Ghosts and Spirits but after a long there is no answer that they are in actual or not there are a number of stories about that …. and we don’t avoid that … and it is not a new thing ….
Now Today in this Story Story Baba bring a list of Most haunted places in India, As we already seen in movies and stories the persons sell their house in a low price and they go so far from that because of as they in trouble of as the some hunted stories in the house or place.. so be carefull from that ..

Haunted Places in India

Tunnel No. 33, Shimla

It is More darker than you think …. Tunnel no 33 placed in Shimla for the Shimla-Kalka Railway Line  a number of  horror stories are in the background of it … it was done by British Sahib Col. Barog, When British Sahib Col. Barog then committed suicide and the tunnel is known for British Sahib talking to people. there are 2 more sprites that makes and we should avoid that route for the way there are a number of lady and men keep jump from there…



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