From what to stock in your bathroom cabinet to how to stop that razor cut from turning into a bleeding mess, it’s the kind of advice your grand-daddy and hipster friend would agree on:

  1. anish-sood-in-a-suit-prabhat-shetty_1
    How often should you get a haircut?
  2. grooming-bfr-afterarjun_mark_0How to plan a make-overIf you’re thinking of switching up your hair cut, craft a plan with your stylist to make it a gradual transition. It’s important to have a master plan, as you may require more upkeep and touch-ups every couple of weeks to start the process.
  3. kiehls-suncreen_1How to maintain your mug
    It’s important to understand that your skin needs a little TLC to keep it looking its best. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many new brands to choose from. Nivea face wash and moisturizer for men is an inexpensive, effective product. And you can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s Facial Fuel UV Guard sunscreen to keep those harmful UV rays at bay.
  4. barbershop-nirmal_jain_1When should you shave?
    Whether you’re going for a smooth-shaven look or a groomed beard, it’s wise not to think about shaving the day of the event. Nicks and irritated skin doesn’t look good on anybody. Worried about a five-o’clock shadow? Head to a local barber in the morning for a professional shave. This is what they do best! And you’d be surprised by your bill.
  5. nirmal-jain-moistruzier6_0How to moisturise like a pro
    Your face isn’t the only thing that needs moisturizing. Your body does too. Grab a fast-absorbing lotion and apply it preferably right after your shower, concentrating on rough patches like the feet and elbows.
  6. nirmal-jain-trimmer7_0How to get rid of unwanted hair
    Whether you’re cool with rocking the werewolf look or you prefer a clean slate, it’s important to establish a routine for unwanted hair — unless you want your chest and other areas to be irritated and itchy all night long. Opt for an electrical razor or trimmer or consider laser hair removal as an option depending on where the unwanted fuzz is.
  7. arjun-mark-beard-new_1How to rock a full beard
    Rocking the beard? No matter what style you choose, watch out for stray hairs. Take a razor to those unwanted stragglers.
  8. nirmal-jain-gillette-fusion-7_0How to avoid razor burn
    Make sure your razor always has a clean, sharp blade. When a blade gets dull, it won’t move as smoothly across your face, which can cause you to apply more pressure, resulting in cuts, irritation and razor burn.
  9. alum_block-for-nicks-n-cuts-9_0How to stop the bleeding on a razor cut
    If you’ve nicked yourself while shaving, the best remedy is to clot the cut with a stypical pencil, which you can get at any drugstore. The stick is an antihemorrhagic, meaning it closes blood vessels. If you don’t have one, put some of your deodorant on an earbud and hold it against the wound. Deodorant also contains aluminium chloride, which clots cuts. Not keen on sharing something between your face and armpit? Try dabbing a little lip balm on the cut instead.
  10. shaving_rohan_shrestha_1What to stock in your bathroom cabinetDon’t get overwhelmed — the sooner you add these tools to your daily regimen, the easier your daily routine will become.
    1. A hair product like styling cream (Try Oribe’s offerings) for a natural look with some support.
    2. Matte paste for a controlled, ‘no product’ look. Redken and Kerastase make the best versions.
    3. Tweezers for plucking out those stray, unwanted hairs.
    4. Floss and mouthwash because nobody needs to know what you ate for dinner.


Source : gqindia